About Us

Anchor Bible Baptist Church

"The Way Church Used To Be."

           Anchor Bible Baptist Church is affiliated with the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) and holds true to the basics: Bible preaching and teaching from the Authorized King James Version, soul winning, traditional gospel music, and a friendly spirit. Visitors often make the following comment after visiting one of our services: "We love the old hymns. It reminds us of the church we grew up in" or "Anchor is the way church used to be." 


           We are a Church that God has blessed because of  faithful Bible preaching and teaching and our desire to be a witness for our Lord. As often said he is not so interested in what someone's past is...he is more interested in where he/she is with the Lord today and what he/she wants to do for the Lord. WE ALL HAVE PASTS  WE ARE ASHAMED OF....AND WE ALL HAVE A FUTURE GOD CAN USE FOR HIS HONOR AND GLORY IF WE PERMIT HIM!!    

Our desire is to be a blessing to everyone who walks through our doors. You will find, like our website, we are not a finished work but a work of God in progress.