Dr. John Tisdale

Founding Pastor

Dr. John Tisdale, affectionately called “Brother Johnny” by many, was born in south Texas on February 13, 1950 - February 14, 2021. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior on May 3, 1959 and was scripturally baptized by the authority of the First Baptist Church of Mission, Texas on July 19, 1959. He has been a Baptist preacher since December 1971.

Dr. Tisdale has been used by the Lord to organize three churches: Trinity Baptist Church in Broaddus, TX (1976); Fellowship Baptist Church in Edinburg, TX (1984); and Anchor Bible Baptist Church in Pharr, TX (2006).

In addition to pastoring, Brother John serves as president of Anchor Theological Seminary and Bible Institute www.anchorseminary.org. He first became associated with ATS&BI (then called Universal Bible Institute) in 1973 and has served as president since August 1, 1990 - February 14, 2021.

Brother John and his wife Pamela celebrate their anniversary on March 28. Pamela's birthday is January 29th.

Dr. John Tisdale