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Dr. Erik Gomez

Senior Pastor

Pastor Dr. Erik L. Gomez was called to be the Senior Pastor of Anchor Bible Baptist Church on May 23, 2021 following the passing of Pastor Dr. John Tisdale. Pastor Gomez had previously served as Assistant and Associate Pastor of Anchor Bible Baptist Church. Pastor Gomez was licensed to preach by Anchor Bible Baptist Church on February 28, 2018 and ordained as Assistant Pastor on March 8th, 2020.
The son of a deacon and Christian parents, Pastor Gomez was saved as a young boy at First Baptist Church of San Juan, TX where he served the Lord in multiple ministries. Upon graduating from Texas A&M University, Pastor Gomez has served the community as a High School Mathematics Teacher in the Rio Grande Valley.
Pastor Gomez beginning in 2016 started attending Slidell Baptist Seminary, LA where he has earned multiple degrees including a Masters of Divinity, Doctorate of Divinity, Doctorate of Pastoral Theology, and is currently working on his third Doctorate in Bible Studies.

Dr. Erik Gomez
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